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All my tours last about an hour and a half.  They are done at a gentle pace, a stroll through the quiet back streets of London, with lots of time for asking questions and taking pictures.  Tours are ideal for small groups and families.

Public Tours

I deliver a regular series of public walking tours, across Westminster, Chelsea, Clapham Common and around Borough Market.  These are delivered in partnership with the great people at London Guided Walks. You can see the dates of all my available public tours.

Bespoke Tours

I deliver private walking tours, which we can design around your timings and your special interest.  A bespoke walking tour starts at £140, for a couple, family and friends, even an office outing!   

If you are visiting new to London I can also offer a half-day highlights tour, which is located in the menu above.

See my full list of tours below and message me if you have any questions.


See all bespoke tours below


Borough Market

Exploring 2,000 years of history in this fascinating part of London.  Walking in the footsteps of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens and even Kylie Minogue, I’ll show you the hidden backstreets and secret histories of one of London’s great neighbourhoods.  Also some great pubs around here!

“He skilfully tailored the tour to our particular interests and was completely charming.  We’d thoroughly recommend!”


“Steve’s tour for my WI group, the Borough Belles was a fantastic 90 minutes.  I couldn’t recommend him more!”


“Funny, well organised and adaptable this was a brilliant way to learn and uncover the history of the area.  Would highly recommend”

Clapham Common

An uncommon Common! This amazing green space for London has a rich global history, including empire, slave traders and abolitionists.  Also from World War 2 bunkers to David Bowie this gentle stroll across the Common has many surprises even for the locals.

“He showed us things we’d never have seen with plenty of humorous anecdotes.  I’d really recommend his walking tours!”


Royal London

A walk through Royal London, taking in the key sights of Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace and Horse Guards Parade.  We will talk about Royals through the ages with some surprising Coronation facts.  We could even fit in the Sunday Changing of the Guards if the dates work!

“As a small group, we agreed that Stephen’s tour was one of the highlights of our recent visit to London. “

“We’ve been to London many time, but Stephen was full or interesting facts that were new to us”


A stroll through one of London’s most scandalous districts.  From Porn Billionaires to Karl Marx, Soho has so many surprising stories.  This wander through Soho will point out some of the often overlooked histories of this amazing location.

“Stephen was terrific - a knowledgable engaging guide who gave our group of university students a thorough and richly historical orientation to the layers of Soho”


“I’d lived in London for 10 years and hadn’t ever learnt as much about the place in those few hours with Steve”


Monsters and Science

Did you know Mayfair and Soho inspired some of our greatest monsters, including Dr Frankenstein, Count Dracula and Dr Jekyll?  The tour visits key site associated with scientists like Charles Darwin, Ada Lovelace and Newton, and hears how their stories are linked to these monsters.

“Stephen was excellent! Guiding at the level cannot be taught - some rare souls just have it”

Chelsea Tour

A wander through one of London's most beautiful and historic neighborhoods.  From Henry VIII to Oscar Wilde and Bob Marley, Chelsea has a range of surprising stories.  Starting at Sloane Square we hear the story of the man who gave his name to area, and his shocking links to a dark trade.

“Stephen has so much knowledge to share and is a great storyteller”

IMG_5093 copy.HEIC

White Noise- The Story of Empire via the Statues we Fail to Notice

Britian once ruled a 3rd of the world and this imperial legacy is told in the statues that fill its streets and squares.  This stroll through Whitehall and Westminster, the heart of the British Empire, looks at the statues which we often fail to notice.  We uncover the people behind the statues and what they tell us about Britain’s imperial past.

“Stephen was engaging throughout, always happy to answer any question with a genuine enthusiasm for London and its history. Highly recommend”

Churchill's London

A stroll through Whitehall and St James’s visiting some of the key sites associated with Winston Churchill.  This tour includes the church he was married in, to the shop he bought his cigars at.  We stroll past his Prime Ministerial home, above and below ground and visit his famous statues.


Natural History Museum  - the history of a masterpiece

This tour around the Natural History Museum focuses on the history of the building and its collection.  This cathedral to the natural world has an amazing history of battling scientists and groundbreaking architects.  From Mary Anning to Charles Darwin this is a treasure trove of delights!  For a small group we will look at some of the often overlooked corners of this amazing museum.

Chelsea Literature

Did you know James Bond and George Smiley where neighbours? Or that at one end of the Kings Road Peter Pan met his end while at the other Christoper Robin had his origins.  From Tudor Utopia to Oscar Wilde’s downfall Chelsea has a rich history of literature that this tour explores.
“Recommend Stephen for any tour. Really enjoyed it”


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